28 Feb 2012

Valentine's Day in Montreal

Mister and I decided to celebrate our Valentine's day in
Montreal a few days ago since we had exams on the actual day. It was so, so, so nice! Montreal is just 2 hours away from Ottawa and it's a great a mini getaway that was long overdue.

This is the outfit I wore there for the car ride. The aritzia sweater I'm wearing is the one I bought in my recent haul at AMH consignment store. I'm actually wearing it again right now, don't judge me. It's SO comfortable. I've had those boots for 3 years now, it's so time for them to be retired but I can't bring myself to do it, they go with everything! I'm wearing my favorite MK watch that I love dearly. The jeans are some oldies that are always suitable for long car rides!

The restaurant we went to (Due Compari) was owned by a friend of the boy. I can honestly say it was the best dinning experience I've ever had. Yes, we had 3 bottles of Italian rose, but I swear I would have rated it the same without. The food, service, music, and  ambiance were all perfection.

I'm a huge rose lover. I used to make batches of it myself because it was necessary to have in the house at all times. This rose was TDF. They don't sell it here, but he offered to import a case from Italy for me. I refused, but now somewhat regretting it.

This was after a few glasses of the magical rose, 

can you tell?

I'm wearing yet again, another thrifted dress from AMH. I've worn this dress 3 times in the last month that I've had it. It has somewhat of an open back but is so classy at the same time.
I paired my nude Steve Madden pumps with my favorite coach bracelet.

I forgot to wear earrings so that felt weird...but I got over it.

Home-made chocolate Grappa. Delicious at the time, not so much the next morning.

My Valentine <3 

This is what happens when you request a king size bed and they fail to give you one. "The hotel is under renovations". Well, I do consider myself a problem solver, and after a few drinks it was quite entertaining.

We stayed at the Omni Mont Royal. I found a really good WagJag deal a couple months ago and figured we would use it one day. I'm glad I bought it. It came with a free buffet breakfast, late check out (3PM), and a $25 spa credit. Out of all those added features, we used the late check out...and that's about it

The next morning we I decided to go shopping. We walked downtown for a little while until we found a satisfying breakfast place that caught our eye.

I have a weakness for crepes, so when I spotted "Paris Crepe", it was a done deal. Everything on the menu looked amazing, so we decided to get two breakfast crepes and one to share for desert. At that point of hungry it's really your stomach deciding, let's be honest. We could barely finish the first one.

After breakfast there was only one place I wanted, no scratch that, needed to go - H&M. We don't have one in Ottawa yet so it's necessary whenever I go to a city that has one. I picked up a few things but I'm going to post a haul of what I bought.

Thanks for reading xo


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