28 Mar 2012

Magic Fini - M.Asam BB cream

I received this in my March Glymm box and from the very second I felt the texture I knew it was a done deal.
Although it doesn’t say it’s a BB cream, it is. For those of you who don’t know what a BB cream is, it’s “Blemish Balm”. It eliminates steps from your usual make-up routine, working as a primer, foundation as well as refining your pores and adding tons of moister! It literally feels like silk and gives such an even tone to your whole face.

After a couple of days of using it I decided I needed to do some hunting and found it for a reasonable price at www.cosmolaneboutique.com (full price $38). I found it for $19.99 + $5.00 shipping, and it only took a few days to get to me. I believe it is back to full price but they do have other products half price, so if you’re in love with the sample you received in your box then keep an eye out on Cosmolane Boutique.  They also sent me samples which included a firming face mask, anti-wrinkle eye cream, & sample container (same size as Glymm box) of perfect teint.

If you have really sensitive skin and/or large pores like I do, I highly recommend!!



  1. tanck for the tips for de website to order the cream!

    sorry my english is not very good lol
    i read you since last week and i order 3 beautybox because of you :P

  2. but the cream is not 19$ anymore.. is 38$ :((

    1. Keep an eye out! They have sales all the time! There is also tons of BB creams out now. I just received a sample of Marcelle's BB cream in Glossybox. I'm anxious to see how it compares! :)

  3. I enjoyed this product from my Glymm box as well. Evened out my skin tone and was a perfect primer!

    1. Definitely! It's such a quick fix, I love it!

  4. Hi All!

    This product is indeed magic! I bought the full sized jar from Glymm too. But Alas! They have now discontinued the product as I was searching high and low for it, online and in stores. Not available anywhere in North America! If someone has any info on where to buy this stuff, I'd really appreciate it :)


  5. Yazzy,

    It couldn't hurt to email Cosmolane Boutique...sometimes companies have extra stock but don't have enough to list it online....