4 Mar 2012

Back to M·A·C Program

Have you guys heard of the back to M·A·C program? I must have been living under a rock because I just found out about this program a couple months ago & I wish I knew a lot sooner. SO, just in case any of you haven’t heard: DON’T throw away your empty M·A·C containers (eye shadows, foundations, concealers). Pretty much anything except eye/lip pencils.

When you bring in 6 containers to a MAC in a department store you get a free lipstick in exchange. If you bring it to a free standing store you can choose between a lipstick, lipgloss or  eye-shadow.

I’m almost there!!! woohoo.  


  1. I love that MAC does this!! I have a ton of products but none of them close to being done lol...its sad when I'm dying to finish them to get a new one! lol

    xo Jackie

  2. haha so true, so true! One day :) lets hope they still have the program by then. LOL!