22 Mar 2012

March Luxe Box

Loose Buttons decided to surprise many people this month by sending the box first, the tracking number after. That's new!

I don't think the personalized touch will ever get old. I love it!
Cargo Eye Shadow Single 
Cargo eyeshadows have long been a pro-artist favorite. Silky, blendable, and layerable, the formulations provide gorgeous, sheer color that can be built up to the desired intensity. Full size: ($16)

This was the item that I reserved with the first-in-line program this month. It actually wasn't my first choice, but since it's not iPhone friendly, I ended up with this (my second choice). I'm still pleased :)  I love receiving full size items!

 Vera Wang - Lovestruck 
Lovestruck captures the feeling of a woman who is struck by love and captivated by passion. It represents irresistible romance. The fragrance is a sparkling addictive floral that you are sure to fall in love with. Full size: 50 ml ($54), sample size: 4ml ($4.32)

love love love. This is such a sweet scent and is perfect for spring. 

 OPI - Top coat
Once your nail polish is completely dry apply the OPI Top Coat for a beautiful shine and finish. Prevents smudges while drying to a smooth, high-gloss, protective shine. Use this to seal in color for professional-looking nail tips. Full size: 15ml ($15), sample size: 3.75ml ($3.75)

I was super excited about this at first because I didn't think I had a good top coat polish......until I went to put it away a realized I have the same one. You know you have too many nail polishes when you start forgetting you have them already. 

Chi - Silk Fusion
This leave in reconstructing treatment enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damages while giving your hair incredible lustre. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. Full size: 180ml ($33), sample size: 15ml ($2.75)

I currently have this in my hair, so far so good! I love the smell and the fact that you don't need much at all, so the little bottle doesn't seem like much at first but I will definitely get many uses out of it.

As a bonus for their one year anniversary, they sent us a card that had seeds implanted in it so we can grow a plant..... I doubt I'll actually use it, but that definitely scored points on the creativity scale!

Over all I'm happy with this month's box. I love the perfume and can't wait to try to Cargo eye shadow. I'm very happy with Luxe box lately...hope they can keep it up :)


  1. AHHH so jealous!

    xo jenny

  2. you definitely got some great products :) I just recently got my loose button box that I won from a giveaway. We both got very different stuff but nonetheless I'm pretty satisfied with what I got. I'm really thinking of subscribing to them now :)

    1. I'm surprised you haven't already!! I have zero will power when it comes to these services lol

  3. just came by to compare what we received! were you trying to reserve the glitter liner instead?
    the eyeshadow you got is pretty. does the pink show up well?

    1. Actually I was trying to receive the hair products, but I'm happy with the eye shadow. The pink is awesome! It has just the right amount of glitter and shows up with one application, love it! :)

  4. Can you give me the link to get those box please. Thank you!

    1. for sure! My referral link is: http://luxebox.loosebutton.com/friend-sign-up?referrer=ZmFjZjFiYWY=

  5. Love those products, thanks for posting.

    1. no problem, thanks for checking it out!