28 Feb 2012

Valentine's Day in Montreal

Mister and I decided to celebrate our Valentine's day in
Montreal a few days ago since we had exams on the actual day. It was so, so, so nice! Montreal is just 2 hours away from Ottawa and it's a great a mini getaway that was long overdue.

This is the outfit I wore there for the car ride. The aritzia sweater I'm wearing is the one I bought in my recent haul at AMH consignment store. I'm actually wearing it again right now, don't judge me. It's SO comfortable. I've had those boots for 3 years now, it's so time for them to be retired but I can't bring myself to do it, they go with everything! I'm wearing my favorite MK watch that I love dearly. The jeans are some oldies that are always suitable for long car rides!

The restaurant we went to (Due Compari) was owned by a friend of the boy. I can honestly say it was the best dinning experience I've ever had. Yes, we had 3 bottles of Italian rose, but I swear I would have rated it the same without. The food, service, music, and  ambiance were all perfection.

I'm a huge rose lover. I used to make batches of it myself because it was necessary to have in the house at all times. This rose was TDF. They don't sell it here, but he offered to import a case from Italy for me. I refused, but now somewhat regretting it.

This was after a few glasses of the magical rose, 

can you tell?

I'm wearing yet again, another thrifted dress from AMH. I've worn this dress 3 times in the last month that I've had it. It has somewhat of an open back but is so classy at the same time.
I paired my nude Steve Madden pumps with my favorite coach bracelet.

I forgot to wear earrings so that felt weird...but I got over it.

Home-made chocolate Grappa. Delicious at the time, not so much the next morning.

My Valentine <3 

This is what happens when you request a king size bed and they fail to give you one. "The hotel is under renovations". Well, I do consider myself a problem solver, and after a few drinks it was quite entertaining.

We stayed at the Omni Mont Royal. I found a really good WagJag deal a couple months ago and figured we would use it one day. I'm glad I bought it. It came with a free buffet breakfast, late check out (3PM), and a $25 spa credit. Out of all those added features, we used the late check out...and that's about it

The next morning we I decided to go shopping. We walked downtown for a little while until we found a satisfying breakfast place that caught our eye.

I have a weakness for crepes, so when I spotted "Paris Crepe", it was a done deal. Everything on the menu looked amazing, so we decided to get two breakfast crepes and one to share for desert. At that point of hungry it's really your stomach deciding, let's be honest. We could barely finish the first one.

After breakfast there was only one place I wanted, no scratch that, needed to go - H&M. We don't have one in Ottawa yet so it's necessary whenever I go to a city that has one. I picked up a few things but I'm going to post a haul of what I bought.

Thanks for reading xo

24 Feb 2012

Innocence - China Glaze

Now that’s more like it.
After taking off the Julep Maven “Rachel” colour, I decided to try out my new China Glaze “Innocence” (how appropriate), that I received in my February Luxe Box.
 I’ll be doing a review of the other items soon :)

Julep Maven - Rachel + Oscar

Decided to try out the "Rachel" copper colour I received in my 
Julep box a couple days ago. Over Rachel, I used the gold glitter "Oscar". I seriously want to order 5 of the Oscar, I love it!! As for the Rachel, not so much! I took it off after taking the picture lol. 

I only paid 1 cent for the 3 of them so I really can't complain, I love the other two colours! What do you guys think? xo

Check out Julep & get your first box for $1 by using the Promo code"SHAREONFEB" 

21 Feb 2012

Unboxing of February Glymm Box

First off - EW! Thanks YouTube for the great selection of thumbnails...ugh. Anyways, moving on!

I wanted to do a quick unboxing of my Glymm box before heading to Montreal with the boy.

What I got in my February Box:

Sula - Natural Shadow in Purple
Burt's Bees - Tinted Lip Balm
Glamglow - tingling and exfoliating mud mask
Mai Couture - 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier

Thanks for watching xo

If you're interested in subscribing check out their website :)

Julep Maven February Intro Box

Received my "It Girl" Julep box in the mail a couple days ago for only 1 cent :) 

I tried something different than my usual accent nail that I love so much. This reminds me of royalty & makes me happy. :)

I have on "Elizabeth", a beautiful midnight blue colour, & "Oscar" at the tips. (I also received a beautiful copper colour called "Rachel"

If you're new to Julep, you can sign up now & get your first box for $0.01 by entering "COLOR2012" after taking the quick style quiz.    xo

20 Feb 2012

Random Haul

What happens when you go to the mall for a simple eye brow wax?...
My favorite purchase of the day: Studio studded tote bag purchased at Winners $31 (on sale from $39). I have a major weakness for anything studded, it's a problem. People may look at me strange because I swear it's meant for luggage & it's huge, but I need a sturdy bag for my 200lb text books & laptop. There is a padded section meant for the laptop, so that's perfect! 

This shirt is quite adorable! It's perfect for summer because it's really thin & see through. Throw on a white bando, some cute shorts & pumps & I'll be all set for a night out downtown. I didn't realize it until I was in the changing room, but the back opens up. That definitely adds a lot to the shirt. I'm also obsessed with stripes, it's ridiculous. I bought this at Sirens for $15

On the Left: ok... I literally have no idea what this is, any help? I found it in the cosmetics department at Winners with no tag. They're really good there with discounting things that don't have prices on them so I decided to see how much I could get it for. It's really good quality, pretty sure it's leather. It has a magnetic strap. I thought it would be a great little carrier for all those "feminine products" if you catch my drift. They gave it to me for $2

On the Right:
2 necklaces bought at Sirens, $5 each. I need more long necklaces. 

On the left: Surprise! Stripes again :). The ladies & I made a trip to "AMH" consignment store after the mall & I picked up this Aritzia sweater for $15. It is SO soft & I love the way it looks on. It doesn't look too flattering on the hanger but I will post a pic of it on one of these days so you guys can see how cute it is :)

On the right: Just a little nighty purchased at Winners for $11. It is also SO soft, and I couldn't beat the price for the quality. Had to have it. 

Last but not least, a bag. lol no but seriously.. I bought three things at Danier, but they are ALL gifts, and for people who follow my blog. I'm sad I can't share what I purchased... so I wanted to at least post a pic of the bag to make me feel better. Maybe I'll take a pic and post it after I give it to them? Who knows.

I love shopping :) Thanks for reading  xo

Outfit Post: Saturday Night Denim

Yes, I do realize it's still winter. I couldn't help it.

I found this dress at a designer consignment store a few weeks ago and I've been dying to wear it. I was going to wait until Spring... but it was nice enough out Saturday to bust it out. I'm so happy I did. I love it. :) 

The shoes are definitely not the most comfortable pair I own, but they are beautiful, and that's all that matters, right? I actually have battle wounds from where I accidentally stabbed my foot with the spiked studs. LOL. Again, worth it.

I went a little over board on the spray tan, as you can see. I was having major summer withdrawals. :(

What I'm wearing:

dress: thrifted 
shoes: ShoeDazzle
bracelets: Coach & Sirens
necklace: Aldo 

15 Feb 2012

L to R
* “Just Because” flowers 
* The boy, MTL. 
* Library leopard day
* What I wake up to  
* Drunken cab rides 

10 Feb 2012

Replicas - yay or nay?

I was recently introduced to this site called ioffer.com. 

It’s a site that sells many knock off designer purses (& many other things). It’s very similar to eBay, but definitely not as user friendly. I’ve wanted a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, as well as a quilted Chanel purse for ages…but they are clearly out of my budget atm. I ordered a “Louis Vuitton” purse & wallet yesterday so I’m anxious to see how they compare in person…EEK!  I’m so nervous (at least the purse was only $33 with shipping!!)

What are your thoughts about fakes?

9 Feb 2012

Wishlist - February 2012

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 - This is so classic, and literally goes with everything!! $775.00

Prada Candy - Received this in my January Luxe Box, it smells like heaven and... well, candy. $96

Clarisonic Mia - I have wanted this for so long. I keep trying to convince myself I don't need it, but I'm thinking I will just get it for the sake of it finally being off my wishlist. $119

Michael Kors Round Rose Gold Glitz - Anybody who knows me at all, or follows my blog, knows that I obsess over this watch. $250

Nikon Camera D5100- I lost my camera a couple weeks back.....at a club I think (yes, I know what you're thinking. I swear I wasn't THAT drunk). Time to invest in one for my blog, and save the club pictures for someone else to take!

Chanel Vintage Quilted Flap Shoulder Bag - Just beautiful, plain and simple. $2,735 (My tuition for one semester, ya... that's not happening)

Studded Iphone Case - It doesn't have to be this one ($110), but I'm on the look out for something similar!

Essie - Glamour Purse $14

Deborah Lippman - Boom Pow $20

Butter London - The Old Bill $14

Love at First Step

I looked like a mad woman on my way to the post office after class. WATCH OUT PEOPLE, I have some where to be... ahem. 
I think I'm addicted to that anxious feeling of opening a shipped package. "Is it going to be the right order?" Will it be everything I'm expecting?" "Will it fit?" 
First impression: amazing quality. They are everything I wanted and more - I'm so happy. I ordered size 8 for some reason, even though I'm usually an 8 1/2. I'm so glad I did because these are a little big, nothing a little insert can't fix ;) 
The inside is the same suede material as the outside, so that's a concern on those sweaty summer nights, but again, insert = solution to that problem. They are really comfortable (that's if you're used to really high heels) The higher the better for me!! 
They shipped in 8 days. Grand total of $39 after everything, including my 20% first order promo. Canadian's pay an additional $9 shipping on regular orders, BUT for your first order you get 20%, and if someone refers you, you get another 20% off your second order (Covers the shipping cost).
If you're new to the wonderful world of Shoe Dazzle: Its a monthly subscription service for shoes, handbags, and jewelry, everything is $39. If you don't see anything that dazzles you that month, you just skip the month between the 1st and 5th of that month. Easy as pie. 

WARNING: You probably won't skip :)

7 Feb 2012

Daytime Chic

Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Spray!

Seriously...LIFE SAVER!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not feeling the whole pasty-white-winter situation. I also don't want to look like I've just come back from Mexico when clearly I've been here the whole time. This is an amazing product when you need a little healthy glow before the club on Saturday, and don't have time to go for a legit spray tan.

It's SO easy, takes 2 minutes, and finally to answer the question you're all wondering - NO Jersey Shore orange look. It's also great just to do one coat on your face to avoid that "I'm so pale, I look dead" look.

Picked it up at Trade Secrets for $32


4 Feb 2012

Top left to Bottom Right

*Before the Weeknd Concert
*Pretending to be rich (don't judge)
*Sleepy morning's with the boy & Zeus
*Zeus tucked in & ready for a nap
*Roomie love <3 


A final cold water rinse to your hair will close the cuticle = soft & shiny hair

3 Feb 2012

A Studded Valentine's Day

Julep Maven Nail Polish Subscription

oh no..not another subscription service. This one was completely justified though because it’s 1 cent for a box. Yes you heard right, 1 cent for your first box. How can you say no? *itches neck* I do plan on cancelling after I receive my first box since I have way too many nail polishes that haven’t even been opened. 

Thanks to stylishandliterate for the amazing coupon code!! 

Check them out here 

2 Feb 2012

January 2012 Luxe Box Products

TWO boxes this month, don't mind if I do.

Seattle's Best Coffee (BONUS) Level 3
"Premium coffee as it was meant to be. Finely crafted, tastefully smooth and easy to find. From a light and crisp Level 1 to a bold and intense Level 5, it's coffee simplified."
Sample Size: 56g - ~$1.65
Full Size: 340g - $9.99

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Foundation (FULL SIZE)
"Skip the mess and go pressed with Pur Minerals' award-winning foundation, powder, concealer and SPF 15. Supercharged with shea butter and vitamin E, this nourishing pressed mineral formula is your key to flawless-looking skin in 60 seconds or less"
Full Size: 8g - $31

NYX - Mega shine lipgloss (FULL SIZE)
"NYX's signature gloss formulated with mineral and lanolin oil to hydrate and condition lips. High impact colours combined with a lacquer finish provide unparalleled shine"
Full size: 11ml - $8

Olay Regenerist - Wrinkle Revolution Complex
"See results in an instant. Watch as advanced micro-fillers and light-diffusing particles smooth the look of fine lines right before your eyes. This wrinkle treatment's formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days. For best results, use twice a day, every day"
Sample size: 7ml - ~$28
Full size: 15ml - $60

Schick Hydro Silk Razor
I've already used this since getting my box, it's the best!
Full size: $13.99

Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner
Full Size: 500 ml - $42
Sample Size: 9ml - ~$1.52 

My Scent
"Take a look at the collection of scents that we put together just for you. From sweet to sultry to elegant, we're sure you'll find a perfect scent for whatever occasion you may have. Take your pick for the day and have fun with it"
  • Prada - Candy, sample size: 1.5ml ~$2.88, full size: 50ml - $96
  • Prada - Infusion d'Iris, sample size: 1.5ml: ~$2.85, full size: 50ml - $95
  • Nina Ricci - L'Air du Temps, sample size: 1.2ml-~$1.73, full size: 50ml -$72
  • Nina Ricci - Nina, sample size: 1.2ml -~$1.56, full size: 50ml - $65 
  • Paco Rabanne - Black XS, sample size: 1.2ml ~$1.56, full size: 50ml - $65
  • Paco Rabanne - Lady Million, sample size: 1.2ml ~$1.92, full size: 50ml-$80

Total Value of this month's box including EVERYTHING except coupons: $96.66

Sign up here :)

1 Feb 2012

January 2012 Luxe Box Video!

What I got in my January 2012 Luxe Box!! =D
Check it out & thumbs up if you like it! Let me know what you got in yours!!  

studs studs studs

I almost died when I saw these in my Showroom @ ShoeDazzle this month. Perfect Combo of badass and chic.

They ended up selling the studded boots that were shipped back, very sad I know. BUT if this is what my credit is going towards, maybe it was meant to be :) I am in lust. <3 

What beauties did you choose this month?  :)

Photo from Shoe Dazzle Website 

January 2012 Luxe Box Arrival!

Received my first ever Luxe Box yesterday and I’m so anxious to do a review!! I really wanted to do one with my camera, but the webcam will have to suffice. P.s - SO happy with the products received. YAY! xo