24 Feb 2012

Innocence - China Glaze

Now that’s more like it.
After taking off the Julep Maven “Rachel” colour, I decided to try out my new China Glaze “Innocence” (how appropriate), that I received in my February Luxe Box.
 I’ll be doing a review of the other items soon :)


  1. love love the color! so lucky that you got a china glaze nail polish in your luxe box!
    i'm always afraid that light colors will appear sheer on me but it looks like this one isn't like that at all - how many coats did you use?

  2. Perfect pink colour! Do you recommend the Luxe boxes?

  3. @ Helen - I was pretty shocked when I saw this in my box. I love the colour! It's actually pretty sheer but I'm wearing fake nails that are white so that helps!

    @ Kat - Thanks for checking out my blog! =D I love Luxe box. It's my favorite so far. I'm getting Topbox in May...can't wait to see how they compare. xo