1 Feb 2012

studs studs studs

I almost died when I saw these in my Showroom @ ShoeDazzle this month. Perfect Combo of badass and chic.

They ended up selling the studded boots that were shipped back, very sad I know. BUT if this is what my credit is going towards, maybe it was meant to be :) I am in lust. <3 

What beauties did you choose this month?  :)

Photo from Shoe Dazzle Website 


  1. I saw this in my showroom too - very drool-worthy! I saw the black but think I like the nude better. Let me know how they fit!

  2. I will definitely let you know, I`ll do a review once then arrive. They shipped yesterday!! YAY :) Did you end up ordering any?

  3. I haven't yet ordered this month - still have my eye on Leisa and Brielle. But I've been a Dazzler for over a year so those shoes sure pile up quick and I'm running out of room! Also, I bought like five pairs from the Steals last month so we'll see about this month.

    One of my faves though is Eveleigh - with the lace-up back. I bought those awhile ago - will probably wear them to the La Tease event I'm going to
    (see my blog: http://citygirl55.blogspot.com/p/events.html )Definitely fun and very girly!

  4. 5 pairs?? WOW jealous. Do you live in Canada? aka do you have to pay for shipping? I think that's the only thing that stops me from ordering more... the add. $9 shipping for each item.

  5. I am in Canada - it does suck about the $9 shipping but I compare it to Town Shoes and even Aldo; $50/shoe is really good considering they are trendy, unique and many times comfortable as well. I've seen simliar styles at Town Shoes for $120-150 and for less than half the price I can get it on Shoedazzle.

    And I only did the 5 pairs cause of the half off Steals. I wanted to stock up while there was a sale!

  6. So true! I totally regret not stocking up now... I thought the "steals" section was always there and was sad to find out it was a temp. thing. I can't wait to get my first pair!! eeek