5 May 2012


Hi lovelies! Exams finished about a week ago. After taking a week off to do absolutely nothing but veg out on the couch and drink wine, I'm officially on my summer vacation. It feels SO good. I've clearly neglected my blog and comments, so I apologize.. but you guys know how it is, and by it I mean life. 

I celebrated my birth early April with friends, family and the boyfriend. I was legit spoiled beyond belief. Apparently I'm loved *wooo*

Some of my beauties at my birthday pre-drink!

My boyfriend is adorable. He stole one of my old Glymm box's and put some of my wishlist items in it, plus a couple of deluxe perfume samples to make it seem legit. I loved it!

I've wanted Prada Candy ever since I received a sample of it in one of my beauty boxes. If heaven had a scent...

 So simple but so classy. One of my favorite gifts from him for sure.

 If you follow my blog, you know that I've been obsessing over this watch for months so I obviously freaked out when I opened it. 


Easter Sunday/Birthday Celebration with my Dad's side of the family. 
He set up a Easter egg hunt just like the good old days. I was counting my findings.

That's just a brief update of my life for the past little while. I promise the next post won't be that far away. Thanks for reading xo 

2 Apr 2012

"March" Glossybox (first one!!)

My first Glossybox arrived only an hour ago, and I couldn't wait to see what I got. It was a much anticipated wait since there was a custom problem on their end. It was so worth it!!

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - This naturally nourishing lotion contains natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients and is clinically proven to moisturize for a full 24 hours. Full size: 354ml/$11.99, sample size: 71ml/$2.40|

Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss, Berry - Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry or Pink is the perfect colour accent for women who want a sheer bump of colour to enhance their pout. Full size: 8g/$28 

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray - Evian's facial spray rehydrates dull, tired skin, and is great for setting and renewing your makeup throughout the day, keeping you looking fresh, healthy and beautiful. Full size: 50ml/$7, 150ml/$12.50, 300ml/$17.50,  

Pandora's Blush - St.Tropez - Pandora's Blush St.Tropez is a beautiful pink blush that can be used all year around and added to any bronzer. Pandora's Makeup box products were designed for professional use and are pigmented so they will last all day long. Full size 4g/$18

Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray - Brushable, strong hold hairspray for all hair types. Bends any movement into shape with long-lasting hold and humidity protection all in one. Re-style into any shape and re-form ingenious hold. Sebastian Professionals is a Salon Exclusive brand. Full size: 300g/$19.94, sample size: 43g/$2.86

Algemarin Foam Bath - Algemarin is made from extracts of seaweed, algae and mineral salts which give the body a tonal quality that previously was only obtainable from hydrotherapy or sea bathing. "Spring Forward" feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 5x5ml/$3.99, 500ml/$17.99, 750ml/$23.95, sample size 15ml/$0.48

Total value of box: $58.74

So far Glossybox is off to a great start, I'm in love with this box. 
  • I needed both foam bath and a new blush. 
  • I currently use/love Sebastian Hair spray, so it's great that I can carry it around with me now!!  
  • The gloss is a little dark for my taste, but I think once the summer hits and I get a nice tan going I'll enjoy it more. 
  • The face spray felt great, it was a little tingly at first and now my face feels super hydrated. 

Thank you Glossybox for the great box. Although they are a couple dollars more than their competitors ($15/mnth), the difference in size and quality is huge! I'm soo happy.

29 Mar 2012

Blogging just got so much cooler!

I finally bought the camera of my dreams. It was a huge investment being a student and all, but SO worth it.

The Nikon D5100 can make anyone look pro! I had so much fun playing around with it and all the different settings it has.

I was sent the wrong charger and couldn't help to use up the battery life on the one they sent. I only got a taste of the beautiful pictures it takes before it had died. So sad - what a tease! I have to wait until I get my charger from Amazon.

These are some of the shots I took before it died!

Meet Zeus. 2.9lbs, and has this very special talent of looking like a homeless dog moments after being brushed or groomed.

    What a poser. Learns from his mama!

I'm seriously lusting over pastel colours lately. With this colour blocking trend I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe to choose from each morning. I hope it stays for a while because it's saving me some $ and making me kinda happy!

28 Mar 2012

Magic Fini - M.Asam BB cream

I received this in my March Glymm box and from the very second I felt the texture I knew it was a done deal.
Although it doesn’t say it’s a BB cream, it is. For those of you who don’t know what a BB cream is, it’s “Blemish Balm”. It eliminates steps from your usual make-up routine, working as a primer, foundation as well as refining your pores and adding tons of moister! It literally feels like silk and gives such an even tone to your whole face.

After a couple of days of using it I decided I needed to do some hunting and found it for a reasonable price at www.cosmolaneboutique.com (full price $38). I found it for $19.99 + $5.00 shipping, and it only took a few days to get to me. I believe it is back to full price but they do have other products half price, so if you’re in love with the sample you received in your box then keep an eye out on Cosmolane Boutique.  They also sent me samples which included a firming face mask, anti-wrinkle eye cream, & sample container (same size as Glymm box) of perfect teint.

If you have really sensitive skin and/or large pores like I do, I highly recommend!!


22 Mar 2012

March Luxe Box

Loose Buttons decided to surprise many people this month by sending the box first, the tracking number after. That's new!

I don't think the personalized touch will ever get old. I love it!
Cargo Eye Shadow Single 
Cargo eyeshadows have long been a pro-artist favorite. Silky, blendable, and layerable, the formulations provide gorgeous, sheer color that can be built up to the desired intensity. Full size: ($16)

This was the item that I reserved with the first-in-line program this month. It actually wasn't my first choice, but since it's not iPhone friendly, I ended up with this (my second choice). I'm still pleased :)  I love receiving full size items!

 Vera Wang - Lovestruck 
Lovestruck captures the feeling of a woman who is struck by love and captivated by passion. It represents irresistible romance. The fragrance is a sparkling addictive floral that you are sure to fall in love with. Full size: 50 ml ($54), sample size: 4ml ($4.32)

love love love. This is such a sweet scent and is perfect for spring. 

 OPI - Top coat
Once your nail polish is completely dry apply the OPI Top Coat for a beautiful shine and finish. Prevents smudges while drying to a smooth, high-gloss, protective shine. Use this to seal in color for professional-looking nail tips. Full size: 15ml ($15), sample size: 3.75ml ($3.75)

I was super excited about this at first because I didn't think I had a good top coat polish......until I went to put it away a realized I have the same one. You know you have too many nail polishes when you start forgetting you have them already. 

Chi - Silk Fusion
This leave in reconstructing treatment enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damages while giving your hair incredible lustre. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. Full size: 180ml ($33), sample size: 15ml ($2.75)

I currently have this in my hair, so far so good! I love the smell and the fact that you don't need much at all, so the little bottle doesn't seem like much at first but I will definitely get many uses out of it.

As a bonus for their one year anniversary, they sent us a card that had seeds implanted in it so we can grow a plant..... I doubt I'll actually use it, but that definitely scored points on the creativity scale!

Over all I'm happy with this month's box. I love the perfume and can't wait to try to Cargo eye shadow. I'm very happy with Luxe box lately...hope they can keep it up :)

21 Mar 2012

13 Mar 2012

March Glymm Box

 It's here!!! 
 I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn't be as disappointed as last month, I really want to love Glymm!

 First glance....wasn't sure what I thought! 

 1.Anatasia Beverly Hills/Hydrafull Gloss - Get your lips softer and fuller! Drench them with multi-dimensional pigments that release high shine and color. It stays put without the sticky residue. This rich and fortifying formula nourishes your lips with the added benefits of Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Anastasia's exclusive Balkan Botanical Infusion. Pucker up beauties!
Full size 2.2ml $27.00
At first I wasn't impressed because this gloss is sooo tiny!! You really don't need a lot though, and the colour is beautiful on! It's not sticky and you can tell it really moisturizes your lips!

without flash

2.Masam/Magic Fini - This siky formula blends beautifully into your skin to conceal uneven skin tone for a light,matte, natural looking finish. It smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and imperfections to reveal a sun kissed, healthy looking skin tone. It's magical.
Full size 30ml / $38.00

Up until just now I thought this product was white...which made me super confused as it's suppose to "conceal". I guess opening the containers help.....aduh. It's pretty dark and has a mousse texture. The smell isn't bad, isn't lovely either. It smells like your typical foundation/concealer. I'll let you guys know how it goes on once I try it!

UPDATE: I am officially obsessed with this BB cream, so much that I went on the hunt to see if I could find it cheaper then $38...and guess what? I did! One of their distributers has it on sale for $19.99 + $5 shipping. Buy it here

3.Ocean/Nail Polish - A true trend-hopper, Ocean Nail Polish Spring 2012 collection boasts shades that are vibrant, pastel and intense. This luscious lacquer applies super smoothly and streak free, and is fast-drying without containing any toxins. It's sold in upscale salons around USA and Europe. Full size 15ml / $12.00 .I love receiving nail polishes in my subscription boxes, just like the majority of us!! This is a super cute colour... I just think you would have to apply it 2-3 times because it goes on clear the first coat. It does give a super nice shine though, I will definitely be using this this spring.
(side note: I tried it on one of my nails not even a minute ago and it's already completely dry!!!)

4.Nume/ Feather Hair Extenstions ...huh? lol. I didn't receive any hair extensions, and I'm a little sad because I would have preferred those over my BB's cream. Perhaps I'll e-mail them and see if they could send it to me in my next box.

 Buy any 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills products and get a free Hydrafull lip gloss + free shipping

Over all, I'm happy with my box. I love the gloss, I just wish it was larger. I'm really excited to try the concealer and nail polish! What did you guys get in your box this month?

If you're new to Glymm - it's a monthly subscription service that costs $10/mnth for deluxe size samples delivered to your door with free shipping. Check them out!

 Thanks for reading ladies xo

8 Mar 2012

American Beauty - March Julep Maven

Guess what came in the mail today? My March Julep Maven box!!!

I changed my box from the “It Girl” to “American Beauty” because I’m really loving the neutral colours lately. It also came with Moroccan Argan Oil that can be used for both your nails or your hair = bonus! 

If you’re new to Julep, you can get your first box for 1 cent by entering “COLOR2012” after taking their quick style quiz :) (Reg $19.99 for $40 worth of polish’s & treatments) xo

7 Mar 2012

Outfit of the night: Black & Gold

Black has been my go to "colour" on nights out lately. I'll try on all my other nominee's and it seems black always takes it home.

Shirt: Dynamite, skirt: H&M, tights: H&M, pineapple necklace: H&M, ring: F21, studded earings: H&M belt: Dynamite,  leather jacket: Le Chateau, purse: Aldo, scarf: The Bay