30 Jan 2012

Le Nordik Spa - absolute bliss

This is where I was all day yesterday with my ladies. It was my third time going, and my favorite time yet.
If you live in Ottawa or Gatineau and haven't been - GO!

How it works:
You start in either the dry sauna or mint steam bath (my fav) for 10-15, that's if you can make it that long. Usually at 10 minutes I'm practically running for the door because I've stayed my max amount of time before melting. 
After the heat therapy, you go under an ice cold waterfall for 2 seconds. This opens your pores, and relaxes your muscles. Just as you're wondering why you would do such a thing, you feel completely calm and ready for relaxation. It's so worth it.
The relaxation part is where you really find your "balance". If someone could read my mind they would think I was overly optimistic. I guess everyone reflects about different things, but I always find myself being so thankful for everything....seriously. It's so hard not to be when you're on cloud nine. They have rooms that are dedicated to sleep in; you could seriously waste half of the day there if you're not careful. They also have these little heated huts (not shown in the picture) where there is a fireplace on a rock and all these comfy chairs around it. The girls and I kept gravitating towards that place yesterday, it was so relaxing.

Last but not least, they have these whirlpools and hot tubs. A good time to catch up and talk (quietly). Everywhere else in the spa they demand silence, but you can get away with whispering in the hot tubs. Well, that's until you look up and see an employee standing there with a silence sign. It's really hard not to burst out laughing because it is so awkward!!
We also ate at the restaurant and over indulged for sure, but how often do you get that opportunity? Sitting at a fancy restaurant with no make-up on, wet hair, with only a towel on? Yes please.

If you don't live in Ottawa you should definitely find something similar in your area. The pictures were taken from the Nordik Spa's website:  http://nordik.akufendev.ca/en/homepage/

Thanks for reading xo

28 Jan 2012


Lost my camera. Maybe this is a good excuse to invest in a DSLR? I have no idea where to begin though!!! 

23 Jan 2012

Subscription services - officially addicted.

I sometimes wish I never discovered these, but we all know if you’re in touch with the blogging world AT ALL, you read about them constantly. It’s just impossible.

These are one thing that I have little of what I like to call… will power. I’m currently signed up for:

Luxe Box
aaaaand as of 10 minutes ago, Glossy Box. [fml]
ShoeDazzle is for shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Kim Kardashian and her stylist team pick up a few options in a show room based on your beauty profile.  It’s $40/mnth but you can skip the month if nothing excites you (rare). They also have this amazing “Steals” section, where everything is half off. You can find beautiful shoes and everything else for $20. It’s free shipping in the U.S and an extra $9 to ship to Canada. This kind of turned me off of signing up at first… but then I thought about it and paying a grand total $29 (if they’re on sale) or $49 full price, is not that bad.

As for these beauty boxes…each one sounds better than the last, so obvi I need to subscribe. I guess one good thing is I won’t be getting/paying for Topbox until May. Glymm box won’t be coming until February, and GlossyBox will be coming in March. Glossybox just started shipping to Canada in the last week and they are selling out like crazy. So if your'e interested, better act fast! I didn't do it soon enough and now I have to wait an extra month. :(

GlossyBox is a little more expensive than the others ($15/mnth), BUT that includes shipping and taxes. It ends up being a couple dollars more than the others after everything. 

My plan is to see which two I like better in the next few months and cancel the other two. Whether or not that plan actually happens, we shall see.

Their website’s/my referral link :)



Luxe Box:

TopBox (no referral link):


20 Jan 2012

Top Styler Review

Hi guys! This is my first video ever so be nice, haha! 
It was my first time ever using the TopStyler & I love it!! If you have any questions let me know :)

Check it out or buy it here: www.topstyler.com

Update: I've had it for a couple weeks now and I've used it a few more times. One thing I noticed with my hair...the curl doesn't hold unless it's freshly washed. I've tried using it the second day, and it will curl really nice but lasts 2 hours tops! 

19 Jan 2012

BioSil & Biotin Supplements

If you haven’t heard of Silica or Silicon supplements, they are a supplement many people take to improve the look or feel of their hair, skin, and nails. It also makes your bone density stronger, so that’s bonus. :)

Biotin is supposed to have pretty much the same effects in regards to hair. 

Starting Jan.3rd, I’ve been taking Biosil (Silicon + Choline), which apparently helps the Silicon be absorbed better. I’ve also been taking 1000mcg of Biotin daily. 

I wasn’t expecting any immediate results because it’s not supposed to have a huge effect until a few weeks into it. My hair has been on a major growth spurt this past month, everyone’s commenting so it’s not just my imagination. The biggest difference so far that I’ve seen is my EYELASHES! I am so happy. I have always had short-medium length lashes, and I saw a difference after the first week of taking both of them.

Since I’ve been taking both the Biosil and Biotin, I can’t really say what is doing what.. but I recommend purchasing both. The Biosil is a little more expensive ($29), but the Biotin was only $8. 

I will definitely keep you guys posted and let you know if I see any more changes in the next few weeks.

Hope this review helped xo  

Split Personality

Sigh, my new beauties…. and no I’m not talking about the hideous shoes at the bottom. Those, ladies & gents… are what I will be wearing for the rest of my career in Nursing - YAY me. Thank God there will be plenty of nights out to get dressed up and have an excuse to keep wearing normal shoes/heels :) 

I’ve been looking for the perfect nude heel for months!! I haven’t worn them yet but looking at them is just as satisfying. They were $37 down from $125 = amazing.