19 Jan 2012

Split Personality

Sigh, my new beauties…. and no I’m not talking about the hideous shoes at the bottom. Those, ladies & gents… are what I will be wearing for the rest of my career in Nursing - YAY me. Thank God there will be plenty of nights out to get dressed up and have an excuse to keep wearing normal shoes/heels :) 

I’ve been looking for the perfect nude heel for months!! I haven’t worn them yet but looking at them is just as satisfying. They were $37 down from $125 = amazing.  


  1. Love the post title. Very creative.
    OMG!I love your heels. Unique color,and what a bargain!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog & taking the time to comment! :) I always love a good deal so this was a huge success. My first pair of Steve Madden's - not bad eh? ;)