23 Jan 2012

Subscription services - officially addicted.

I sometimes wish I never discovered these, but we all know if you’re in touch with the blogging world AT ALL, you read about them constantly. It’s just impossible.

These are one thing that I have little of what I like to call… will power. I’m currently signed up for:

Luxe Box
aaaaand as of 10 minutes ago, Glossy Box. [fml]
ShoeDazzle is for shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Kim Kardashian and her stylist team pick up a few options in a show room based on your beauty profile.  It’s $40/mnth but you can skip the month if nothing excites you (rare). They also have this amazing “Steals” section, where everything is half off. You can find beautiful shoes and everything else for $20. It’s free shipping in the U.S and an extra $9 to ship to Canada. This kind of turned me off of signing up at first… but then I thought about it and paying a grand total $29 (if they’re on sale) or $49 full price, is not that bad.

As for these beauty boxes…each one sounds better than the last, so obvi I need to subscribe. I guess one good thing is I won’t be getting/paying for Topbox until May. Glymm box won’t be coming until February, and GlossyBox will be coming in March. Glossybox just started shipping to Canada in the last week and they are selling out like crazy. So if your'e interested, better act fast! I didn't do it soon enough and now I have to wait an extra month. :(

GlossyBox is a little more expensive than the others ($15/mnth), BUT that includes shipping and taxes. It ends up being a couple dollars more than the others after everything. 

My plan is to see which two I like better in the next few months and cancel the other two. Whether or not that plan actually happens, we shall see.

Their website’s/my referral link :)



Luxe Box:

TopBox (no referral link):


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