10 Feb 2012

Replicas - yay or nay?

I was recently introduced to this site called ioffer.com. 

It’s a site that sells many knock off designer purses (& many other things). It’s very similar to eBay, but definitely not as user friendly. I’ve wanted a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, as well as a quilted Chanel purse for ages…but they are clearly out of my budget atm. I ordered a “Louis Vuitton” purse & wallet yesterday so I’m anxious to see how they compare in person…EEK!  I’m so nervous (at least the purse was only $33 with shipping!!)

What are your thoughts about fakes?


  1. you'll definitely have to post what it looks like I love finding awesome sites like that. I have a marc jacobs inspired stam bag that I love!

    xo Jackie

  2. I seriously can't wait!! I will do a review probably as soon as I get it. lol..I hope it's comparable!! eeek! xo