3 Feb 2012

Julep Maven Nail Polish Subscription

oh no..not another subscription service. This one was completely justified though because it’s 1 cent for a box. Yes you heard right, 1 cent for your first box. How can you say no? *itches neck* I do plan on cancelling after I receive my first box since I have way too many nail polishes that haven’t even been opened. 

Thanks to stylishandliterate for the amazing coupon code!! 

Check them out here 


  1. that's so awesome! thanks for letting me know about it. just curious, but what did you get after you took the style quiz?

  2. No problem!! Also just an FYI - if you refer two friends through your personal invitation link you get the next month free :) (mine is: http://www.julep.com/?r=18922291)

    I don't remember which style they chose for me, but I changed the package to "It Girl" so I could receive 3 polish's ;)