20 Feb 2012

Random Haul

What happens when you go to the mall for a simple eye brow wax?...
My favorite purchase of the day: Studio studded tote bag purchased at Winners $31 (on sale from $39). I have a major weakness for anything studded, it's a problem. People may look at me strange because I swear it's meant for luggage & it's huge, but I need a sturdy bag for my 200lb text books & laptop. There is a padded section meant for the laptop, so that's perfect! 

This shirt is quite adorable! It's perfect for summer because it's really thin & see through. Throw on a white bando, some cute shorts & pumps & I'll be all set for a night out downtown. I didn't realize it until I was in the changing room, but the back opens up. That definitely adds a lot to the shirt. I'm also obsessed with stripes, it's ridiculous. I bought this at Sirens for $15

On the Left: ok... I literally have no idea what this is, any help? I found it in the cosmetics department at Winners with no tag. They're really good there with discounting things that don't have prices on them so I decided to see how much I could get it for. It's really good quality, pretty sure it's leather. It has a magnetic strap. I thought it would be a great little carrier for all those "feminine products" if you catch my drift. They gave it to me for $2

On the Right:
2 necklaces bought at Sirens, $5 each. I need more long necklaces. 

On the left: Surprise! Stripes again :). The ladies & I made a trip to "AMH" consignment store after the mall & I picked up this Aritzia sweater for $15. It is SO soft & I love the way it looks on. It doesn't look too flattering on the hanger but I will post a pic of it on one of these days so you guys can see how cute it is :)

On the right: Just a little nighty purchased at Winners for $11. It is also SO soft, and I couldn't beat the price for the quality. Had to have it. 

Last but not least, a bag. lol no but seriously.. I bought three things at Danier, but they are ALL gifts, and for people who follow my blog. I'm sad I can't share what I purchased... so I wanted to at least post a pic of the bag to make me feel better. Maybe I'll take a pic and post it after I give it to them? Who knows.

I love shopping :) Thanks for reading  xo

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